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Hi! We're Kim & Julianne, the co-founders of Easy Club, elementary school teachers, newly sisters-in-law, and BFFS! 
We are often spending time together getting crafty at the family cottage. Our idea for Easy Club came to us after spending hours beading and making our own jewellery.
We quickly realized that we wanted to share our love for affordable, easy to wear, long lasting, fun & trendy jewellery! Our name Easy Club came from the good vibes and self-care rituals that we believe are so important for you & to share with others.
While living our best life, we wanted our pieces to be easy to wear & last for your everyday! Wear your pieces while you sweat, swim, shower, sleep, and indulge in some self-care!
With our own personal experience at the heart of our brand's vision, we hope we’ve made it easy for you to enjoy our products! XO
Take it easy,
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Graphic by: @maddiolamade
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