What is 14k Gold Filled Jewellery?

Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is an easy way to elevate your outfits, stay on trend, and treat yourself! But there is a lot on the market, at many different price points, so we wanted to give you a little guide and share the research we've found about the industry and why we chose our materials.
There are 3 main things when in it comes to gold jewellery:
1. Type of Gold
2. Type of Plating
3. Base Metal  

Types of Gold

Heard of a karat? Know how it applies to gold? We didn't really know much about this aspect until we noticed our own jewellery rubbing away the beautiful gold to reveal a rusty or black coloured piece... yuck!

We found out that 24k gold is NOT for jewellery, and more for those edible gold flakes that you see on sweet treats that you can eat! 18k and 14k gold is more suitable for plating jewellery but also differ, as they are each diluted (18/24 & 14/24) with stronger metals, making them durable for wearing daily. These two types of gold, and others that vary within these ratios, are plated over a base metal in different ways to create a variety of gold covered pieces.

Easy Club pieces are only 18k and 14k gold and you can view our collections to pick the perfect piece for your everyday! 

Types of Gold Plating

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When you hear 'Gold-plated', 'vermeil', and other jewellery jargon, we know it can be confusing! We checked, and then doubled checked the easiest, most affordable way to create long-lasting jewellery pieces that will STAY GOLD. The base metal refers to the original metal piece that gold is put over.

Gold filled jewellery is usually 'double dipped' or filled with a much thicker layer (up to 3 different layers!) of gold than gold plated, however the type of gold used and the base metal over which it is plated, still matter in the terms of durability. 

If you hear the term vermeil it is distinctly, by law, talking about a similar process to gold-filling but over a base of .925 sterling silver metal ONLY-- no other types. 

Gold plated jewellery is usually has a bit of a thinner coating of gold than gold filled or vermeil pieces. The outer gold can rub off more easily & these types of pieces frequently tarnish. 

At Easy Club, we use gold filled for our pieces for the best durability for your everyday!  

Base Metals 

Base Metals refer to the type of material that is underneath the gold. There are a variety of different base metals available. 

When buying jewellery, you should avoid base metal & gold mixed with materials such as 'zinc' 'copper' or other metal alloys that will easily tarnish within a few wears, and will cause irritation. Many of these base metals will oxidize quickly and turn black or green. 

We've found that electro plating 14k gold filled over a base metal of stainless steel provides the most durable, long lasting, and tarnish resistant jewellery piece

Electroplating is the process of creating a layer of metal on the surface of an object. When electroplating, an electric current negatively charges the base metal that is submerged in a solution containing positively charged gold ions. These positive gold ions are attracted to the negative charge of the core metal, slowly forming a layer of gold on the surface. 

Easy Club pieces are made to wear for your everyday, with gold that will last. Shop our variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets made of real 14k gold filled pieces that you can wear daily with ease! 

Did we miss anything? Let us know if you have anything to add or any questions!






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